Recycling Centre, Kent

Contamination delineated material disposal

An employee at a recycling centre in the South East of England identified some suspect material on the companies premises. Ash Remediation Management carried out a site investigation and confirmed the presence of asbestos cement board and oil contamination. The contamination hotspot was delineated and the material was disposed of at an off site facility.

Baglan Bay, Port Talbot

Groundwater Treatment Baglan Bay
Ash Remediation Management provided supervision and labour to assist the main contractor in some in-situ groundwater treatment. Ash Remediation Management responded quickly and all work exceeded the clients expectations.

Okehampton, Devon

Disposal of Contaminated Material Devon
Ash Remediation Management provided a turnkey package for small developer in Devon. Ash Remediation Management conducted a site investigation to establish the extent of contamination,
agreed a clean up criteria with the local authority and managed the off site disposal of the contaminated material.

Stobart Park, Widnes

Environmental Permit Management Widnes
Ash Remediation Management provided and managed the Environmental Permit requirements for a large earthworks contractor. Ash Remediation Management produced and submitted the required paperwork and completed the necessary environmental monitoring.

Trafford Park, Manchester

Remediation Treatment Manchester
Ash Remediation Management provided the supervision to oversee a combined remediation and earthworks programme. Ex-situ bioremediation and pump and treat water system were operational and owing to our experience in these remediation methods we were able to quickly and efficiently integrate into the management team.

Warren Farm, Wokingham

Geotechnical Testing Verification Wokingham
Ash Remediation Management conducted geotechnical testing to establish the foundation requirements of some proposed stables. The testing entailed on and off site (laboratory) assessments and Ash Remediation Management reported the findings along with recommendations to the client in a timely fashion.