Lambton Coking Works

Groundwater Remediation Lambotn Coking Works

Client – Homes and Community Agency

Principal Contractor – Carillion Civil Engineering

Consulting Engineer – AECOM

Location – Lambton

Contract Value – £400K

The Lambton site historically operated as a colliery, cokeworks, firebrick works as well as a gas storage and purification facility. Located in Tyne and Wear, the site covers an approximate area of 65 hectares.

Ammonium was identified in groundwater at concentrations requiring remedial action. Commissioned by Carillion PLC (on behalf of a regional development agency), Ash Remediation Management addressed this issue through the installation of an in-situ water treatment barrier. The objective of the system was to mitigate the risk of ongoing migration of ammonium contaminated water to a nearby watercourse ( The Herrington Bern) by severing the pollution linkage pathway.

Ash Remediation Management acquired Environment Agency approval of the remedial scheme and the installation commenced in June 2009. The six week programme entailed the installation of relatively impermeable (270m) and relatively permeable sections (200m) of barrier and was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and within budget.

The barrier system was installed using a piling rig equipped with a soil mixing drill head, which is designed to reduce the amount of spoil produced. As the drilling head progresses the treatment slurry is injected via ports located within. Once the desired drilling depth has been achieved the withdrawal process of continued auger rotation further facilitating homogenisation of the soil mixed column commences. A high level of quality control was acvhieved by maximising the use of the rigs on board computer which measured numerous drilling parameters.

In order to assess the efficacy of the barrier system, a long term monitoring regime was drawn up and submitted to the Environment Agency. With the ultimate objective to monitor the quality of water migrating through the barrier, 4 No. wells were installed downstream of the relatively permeable barrier sections. Additionally, 3 No. wells were installed upstream in close proximity to the relatively permeable sections to illustrate the quality of water impacting upon the barrier. Two further wells were installed upstream at distance from the system to provide some data on background water quality. The monitoring period has now ended and the final laboratory results have proved the system has been a success.

Dorchester Housing Development

Dorchester Bioremediation Treatment Project

Client – Major House Builder

Principal Contractor – Ford Civil Engineering

Consulting Engineer – Ashdown Site Investigation

Location – Dorchester

Contract Value – £50K

Ash Remediation Management has completed another successful bioremediation contract for a major house builder at a site in Dorchester with approximately 3000 tonnes of hydrocarbon impacted soil undergoing treatment.

As with all bioremediation projects carried out by Ash Remediation Management, a treatability study was completed. This early stage analysis provides specific background information on the soil to undergo treatment and gives important details on how best to condition the soil to maximise the contaminant breakdown. Based upon the findings of this, soil was homogenised with compost and a precise blend of agricultural fertilisers before being placed within the bunded treatment bay.

Working closely with the client on what was a highly congested site, Ash Remediation Management achieved the desired target levels within the timescale and budget whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

Ash Remediation Management also worked in an advisory role to help ensure that the conditions of planning were fully implemented. The success of the project meant that the client could progress the construction works to their originally specified timescale.

Baglan Bay, Port Talbot

Groundwater Treatment Baglan Bay
Ash Remediation Management provided supervision and labour to assist the main contractor in some in-situ groundwater treatment. Ash Remediation Management responded quickly and all work exceeded the clients expectations.

Okehampton, Devon

Disposal of Contaminated Material Devon
Ash Remediation Management provided a turnkey package for small developer in Devon. Ash Remediation Management conducted a site investigation to establish the extent of contamination,
agreed a clean up criteria with the local authority and managed the off site disposal of the contaminated material.

Stobart Park, Widnes

Environmental Permit Management Widnes
Ash Remediation Management provided and managed the Environmental Permit requirements for a large earthworks contractor. Ash Remediation Management produced and submitted the required paperwork and completed the necessary environmental monitoring.

Trafford Park, Manchester

Remediation Treatment Manchester
Ash Remediation Management provided the supervision to oversee a combined remediation and earthworks programme. Ex-situ bioremediation and pump and treat water system were operational and owing to our experience in these remediation methods we were able to quickly and efficiently integrate into the management team.

Warren Farm, Wokingham

Geotechnical Testing Verification Wokingham
Ash Remediation Management conducted geotechnical testing to establish the foundation requirements of some proposed stables. The testing entailed on and off site (laboratory) assessments and Ash Remediation Management reported the findings along with recommendations to the client in a timely fashion.

Purley Way, Croydon

Well Installation Validation Permeable Reactive Barrier Croydon
Ash Remediation Management were awarded a twelve month contract to provide third party validation of a permeable reactive barrier. Working closely with the clients environmental consultant, Ash Remediation Management provided the information required to progress the regulatory process.

Reading Road, Winnersh

Groundwater Treatment Feasibility Study Winnersh
Ash Remediation Management carried out an in-situ groundwater treatment feasibility study. Ash Remediation Management promptly acquired and reported the data which allowed the client to make an informed decision on the purchase of the site.