Dorchester Bioremediation Treatment Project

Client – Major House Builder

Principal Contractor – Ford Civil Engineering

Consulting Engineer – Ashdown Site Investigation

Location – Dorchester

Contract Value – £50K

Ash Remediation Management has completed another successful bioremediation contract for a major house builder at a site in Dorchester with approximately 3000 tonnes of hydrocarbon impacted soil undergoing treatment.

As with all bioremediation projects carried out by Ash Remediation Management, a treatability study was completed. This early stage analysis provides specific background information on the soil to undergo treatment and gives important details on how best to condition the soil to maximise the contaminant breakdown. Based upon the findings of this, soil was homogenised with compost and a precise blend of agricultural fertilisers before being placed within the bunded treatment bay.

Working closely with the client on what was a highly congested site, Ash Remediation Management achieved the desired target levels within the timescale and budget whilst maintaining a safe working environment.

Ash Remediation Management also worked in an advisory role to help ensure that the conditions of planning were fully implemented. The success of the project meant that the client could progress the construction works to their originally specified timescale.

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