Physical Stabilisation Treatment - Piling Mat

In all piling projects stability of the plant is key and as such, a suitable piling mat is essential if the works are to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. It is particularly important that the working platform does not deteriorate or encounter heave because in piling work the specialist equipment used has a high centre of gravity and the consequences of a collapse can be fatal.

A traditional method of constructing a piling mat is to import and layer stone. This can be an expensive and unsustainable method with the transport alone adding numerous unnecessary lorry movements. In contrast to this method Ash Remediation Management offer on site stabilisation of material to piling mat standards. We have achieved specifications of in excess of 30% CBR (dependent on the ground type) and all on site testing is included.

The stabilisation process was facilitated through the use of a tractor pulled Spader. The Spader dosed the specifically designed binder and ensured maximum mixing and pulverisation of the soil material. This was completed to the required compacted depth with a minimum of three passes. The validation testing confirmed that the target of CBR of 30% had been exceeded allowing the piling work to commence. Ash Remediation Management also carried out the trimming works. This was achieved using GPS guided machinery and to a tolerance of +20 – 30mm.

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