Ash Remediation Management has developed a cost effective and efficient formula for removing and recycling contaminated land. Through an extensive UK network of soil treatment facilities, recycling centres and restoration sites we can provide a full turnkey solution including data evaluation and subsequent offsite treatment or disposal. A significant additional benefit to our more sustainable ‘muck away’ options are that they are exempt from the ever increasing landfill tax (£94.15/tonne from 1 April 2020).

Our ‘muck away’ concept has evolved from diverting contaminated soils from landfill and establishing strategic partners who specialise in treating material contaminated with TPH, PAH, heavy metals, cyanide, ammonia and high TOC. These are the main contaminants associated with Brownfield and construction sites in the UK today. Our affiliated licensed treatment facilities have capability for bioremediation, stabilisation/solidification, soil washing, thermal desorption and incineration.


Through our network of waste treatment facilities and approved service providers, our off site treatment and muck away services include:

Waste Classification Service

Waste producers have a duty of care to adequately characterise any waste destined for off site treatment or disposal. In its simplest terms, this equates to taking representative sample(s) of the soil or water and carrying out laboratory analysis of key potential contaminants. A summary report is then formulated which is interpreted and assessed in the acceptance process.

Ash Remediation Management can help facilitate and ease this process with our fast response classification service. We can offer a same day sampling service* with expedited laboratory turnaround times of between one and five days. Alternatively, Ash Remediation Management can send a soil and groundwater sampling kit directly to your site. Site personnel can take the required samples and Ash Remediation Management will arrange for a courier to collect them directly from site.

Support Services

Be confident that all waste is disposed of using the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods. In concurrence with this, Ash Remediation Management will ensure that your waste management procedures and obligations meet the legislative demands.

Non Hazardous Waste Removal and Muck Away

We can advise and offer the most efficient vessels to meet your requirements. Whatever your needs our dedicated team can act quickly and efficiently to ensure you receive the best service.

Hazardous Waste Removal and Muck Away

We can advise on and provide muck away and treatment services for difficult and hazardous wastes including WAC failing materials. In addition to this, we take care of all consignment documentation required.

Liquid Waste and Tanker Services

We can provide a muck away and treatment service for all quantities and types of liquid waste, including LNAPLs and DNAPLs.

Our ongoing commitment to explore more sustainable but commercially viable alternatives to landfill delivers value for money contracts supported by accurate reporting systems to meet your businesses requirements.

*subject to availability