Bioremediation Treatment Audley Gasworks

The former gasworks is located in Shropshire and it was purchased by a midlands based house builder. The site was polluted with typical gasworks contaminants (namely polycycic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), lead and cyanide) and in order to comply with planning regulations a detailed remediation programme was undertaken.

Ash Remediation Management provided a full remediation scheme including stabilisation/solidification, bioremediation and the removal of contaminated waters. This case study discusses the ex- stabilisation/solidification aspect of the project.

A site specific stabilisation / solidification slurry was produced on site and through the use of an excavator and associated processing bucket it was combined with the contaminated soils to form a homogenous mass. A total of 2200m3 of material was stabilised. The treatment phase was completed over a 4 week period and the subsequent curing phase lasted 3 weeks. Following treatment, curing and compliance testing, material was utilised as a sub base for the future roads and footpaths.

All phases of the project were achieved within budget and the stabilisation work was concluded 3 weeks inside the project deadline.

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