Due to the evolving nature of the remediation and construction markets, there is an ever-growing requirement for a cost-effective mass stabilisation solution. Mass stabilisation is a ground improvement technique for soft soils and sludges. The stabilisation is carried out by mixing a pre-calculated amount of binder to a specific volume of soil. The type of binder can vary depending on the material to be treated, but it is usually cement, lime or ash.

Ash Remediation Management have invested in the plant to carry out mass stabilisation. Our Deep Soil Mixing plant consists of the ALLU Power Mixer and ALLU Pressure Feeder.  The Power Mixer is attached to a conventional excavator and is used to mix the binder with the soils/sludges. The binder is fed to the mixer from a mobile self-contained pressurised power feeder. The pressure feeder is a self-propelled tracked unit made up of two tanks that hold approximately 5 tonnes of binder each. The combination of this greatly increases accessibility and reduces the need for excessive tracking to and from the delivery silo.


  • In-situ stabilisation of soft soils & peat
  • Remediation of contaminated soils & sediments
  • Improving soft sediments, mud and sludges


Mass stabilisation/deep soil mixing can be used in civil engineering and contaminated land remediation projects. Soil bearing capacity can be greatly improved and contaminants “locked in” by solidification. Rapid ground improvement can be achieved with the ground being able to support advancing equipment and structures often within a timeframe of days.

Using an in-situ deep soil mixing technique can be highly advantages when ground is affected by high water tables and water management is problematic.

Ash Remediation Management offer this equipment on an operated and non-operated basis anywhere in the UK or Ireland. Either part of the setup is available for hire and we can offer a full design service by conducting laboratory trials on the material to undergo treatment.

Recent projects include solidification of sludge lagoons at a major manufacturing facility in Ireland and stabilisation of deep peat deposits at a large housing development in the Midlands. Temporary ground support can also be engineered e.g. for excavations, in difficult soils such as Galligu deposits as completed by Ash Remediation Management numerous times in the Borough of Halton near Liverpool.


The ALLU Power Mixer and ALLU Pressure Feeder are versatile pieces of equipment that can be used in numerous stabilisation applications. Our mass stabilisation plant can be employed as a standalone solution or as part of a more integrated approach, either way it is the ideal system to address numerous stabilisation challenges.


  • No excavating and backfilling
  • Less transport and disposal of site materials
  • Less import of fill materials
  • Less hazardous waste movement
  • Good sustainable image


  • Accurate control of binder addition
  • Quality controlled
  • Fast response to any deviations in the material undergoing treatment
  • Track driven to access difficult terrain
  • Adaptable to work with CFA rigs and slurry batching plants