Ash Remediation Management successfully treated and removed Japanese Knotweed from a former industrial site in readiness for the development of a residential care home.


Ash Remediation Management have recently completed a treatment and long term maintenance scheme on behalf of a medium sized construction company.


Ash Remediation Management were contacted by a landowner who suspected a Japanese Knotweed issue. Early intervention prevented further spread and the site was ‘Japanese Knotweed free’ after a [...]


Ash Remediation Management were commissioned by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to control Japanese Knotweed at a sports college.  


Ash Remediation Management devised a successful treatment and long term maintenance programme to eradicate Japanese Knotweed from a housing development.


Ash Remediation Management were contracted by a local authority in central London to control Japanese Knotweed at an infant school as part of a refurbishment contract.  

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