A former car mechanics yard was undergoing demolition to make way for a residential development. During the early stages of the demolition it was discovered that two underground storage tanks [...]

University of Canterbury

As part of the development of a new campus at the University of Canterbury, Ash Remediation Management carried out 11,000m2 of physical stabilisation. A CBR in excess of 30% was achieved with the [...]

Burnley Gasworks

As part of the remediation of a former gasworks site, Ash Remediation Management provided a cost effective disposal solution to a variety of typical gasworks wastes including tar, PAH, TPH and [...]

Hampshire Technology College

Due to a prolonged period of wet weather, ground conditions on site deteriorated which severely hampered the progress of our Clients development. Ash Remediation Management reacted promptly and [...]

Piling Mat Stabilisation

In all piling projects stability of the plant is key and as such, a suitable piling mat is essential if the works are to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. It is particularly important [...]

Middlesex Secondary School

As part of an extensive refurbishment project, a redundant heating oil tank required decommissioning and removal. The tank was located in an underground basement making its removal slightly more [...]

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